The Components of Wind Turbines
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Wind turbine is the electric power equipment, which converts wind energy into mechanical energy.


Wind turbines are generally composed of rotor (wind wheels and blades), generators, deflectors (tail fins), towers (usually have yaw bearing inside), speed limiting safety mechanisms and energy storage devices (battery system).


  1. The working principle of wind turbines is simple:

  2. The rotor rotates under the action of wind, converting the kinetic energy into mechanical energy.

  3. The tail makes the blades always toward to the direction of the wind to absorb maximum wind energy;

  4. The yaw bearing enables the hub always face the wind.

  5. The generator which is driven by the shaft, generate electricity. With the action of the speed limiting safety device, the electric energy will be connected to the grid for use or off the grid into the energy storage device (battery system).


Wind turbines can be divided into horizontal axis wind turbines (the rotating axis of the wind turbine is parallel to the wind direction) and vertical axis wind turbines (the rotating axis of the wind turbine is perpendicular to the ground or the direction of the air flow, and can capture the wind of any direction). Compared horizontal axis wind turbines, the vertical axis wind turbine has the advantages of low speed, low noise, low starting wind speed and high stability.

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